Time to get ready for your big day!

I arrived at Trickle Creek, after over an hour of driving and need to freshen up :) ran into David in the restroom & gave a polite smile & hello. He looked at me waiting for an intro but I really needed to drain the snake LOL so I turned away & didn't engage LOL.

We later ran into each other minutes outside as I was filming the area & he introduced himself as David the groom! I was pretty embarrassed that I didn't take the time to introduce myself as the photographer earlier, yikes! We had a short convo, such a nice guy, made me feel comfortable. (note to self, always introduce yourself to everyone. I'm an introvert so I'll have to push myself to do this)

Brittney & David didn't want many getting ready photos & wanted to keep it simple so here are some of my faves from the "getting ready" set...